Erik de Vlieger: The man who changes cities

Erik de Vlieger: The man who changes cities

This enthusiastic Dutch businessman is giving a new life to old buildings that were tarnishing inner cities.

Atrium Lagoa is an example of a successful project that aims to create middle class housing.Erik de Vlieger, co-owner of Carvoeiro Branco and Carvoeiro Clube, during his long career has specialised in tackling urban projects in many cities and villages. In these projects, he has transformed inner city buildings and areas with the goal of adding value to society.This businessman loves Portugal and wants to contribute to help the country. As a man of passion, he is transforming authentic ruins to improve the quality of the citizens through urban renewal and urban regeneration, which consists of re-developing buildings often being left behind in cities and villages.“In beautiful Portugal sometimes my heart is bleeding when I see that nobody is doing anything with these places. Urban renewal is the clearing out of blighted areas in inner cities to create opportunities for medium class housing, businesses, and much more”, Erik told The Portugal News.

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Erik de Vlieger

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