Dutch businessman Erik de Vlieger turns ruins into modern homes

Dutch businessman Erik de Vlieger turns ruins into modern homes

Special Feature by Michael Bruxo (Michael.bruxo@portugalresident.com)

Dutch businessman Erik de Vlieger is developing seven major projects in Lagoa, which include turning derelict buildings into shiny new developments and building a “high performance sports centre”. The total market value of the projects amount to nearly €132 million.

Most people would likely jump at the chance of enjoying a semi-retirement in the Algarve.
Dutch businessman Erik de Vlieger gave it a try in 2006, becoming a shareholder at Carvoeiro Clube after moving from Amsterdam to the Algarve and working at whatever time he wanted to. But years later, he realised that he loved and missed the daily grind of full working days too much to leave it behind.

“I was that typical Northern European, semi-retired businessman who could go to work whenever he wanted,” Erik de Vlieger told Essential Business and the Resident.

“But I am a businessman, and I am addicted to work. Around 2014-2015, I got fed up. I like to be at the office at 8.30am and go home at 6pm or 7pm. So, I had to make a choice: make a bit of money off buying and selling plots of land or start my own company.”

The result was the creation of Carvoeiro Branco, a real estate development company which has already completed the renovation of landmark buildings such as Atrium Lagoa, which was transformed from a decades-old apartment block into a vibrant residential and commercial building, and Atrium Arade, the famous riverside building in Portimão previously known as Mabor.

Now, seven major projects are being developed by Carvoeiro Branco in the Lagoa borough, amounting to a total market value of €131.9 million.

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